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As experts in human centric design and the implementation of evidence-based, scientific health concepts outlined in the WELL Building Standard we provide complete project life cycle support to industry leading business and building owners and their stakeholders. We create thoughtful, intentional and engaging environments that both actively and passively promote and support the health, wellness, comfort and performance of the people in the space. 

Urban Interior Design


We serve as the primary interface between our clients and the project delivery team. Representing as client advocates, owners representative and project managers to ensure the ambitions, specific goals and performance requirements of the WELL Building Standard are properly integrated and achieved into the project.

doing work together


Once installation is complete, our role evolves to that as an embedded organizational resource. We support the executive team, senior leadership, human resources, marketing and other functional groups to orient their teams to the space and establish programming and activation.

Our role includes:

  • Ensuring prioritization of health and wellness as a capstone element of the organizations culture.

  • Leveraging occupants feedback and building performance data to gain insight and make adjustments.

  • Identifying new and relevant technology.

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