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Advanced Air Purification

A Proven Solution

  •  99.99% reduction of airborne viral load down to .007 microns*

  • Removes 99.997% of particles at 0.3 micron in size, which is more

        efficient than the HEPA Standard testing efficiency requirement**

  • Simple and quick installation

  • Every device individually tested by the manufacturer to ensure superior performance

  • ​Designed for 2 full air exchanges in rooms from 550 -3,500 square feet in size

        depending on the air purification unit selected

  • Full year filter life

  • Highly configurable stand-alone or wall-mounted unit that does not require integration into existing HVAC systems

*Individual particle sizes and specific particle size ranges may have different filtration efficiency rates
**EN-1822 testing of the Intellipure Compact device operating at 150 CFM​

Delos Air Purification - 950p unit.png

950P Unit

Select for hallways and gyms

Covers up to 3,500 square feet

Delos Air Purification - compact

Compact Unit

Delos Air Purification -ultrafine 468 un

Ultrafine 468 Unit

A classroom go-to

Covers up to 550 square feet

Select this for common spaces

Covers up to 1,125 square feet

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