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"Childhood asthma is a leading cause of student absenteeism and accounts for 13.8 million missed schools days each year. With increased absences, a student’s test scores may begin to reflect less about how much was studied and more about his or her health and ability to focus on learning."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015).

The need to understand and elevate the role school buildings have on students, faculty and staff is undeniable. 

Our focus is to create a healthy and inspiring environment for young minds while promoting  awareness on the impacts the built environment has on wellness. Not only will this elevate the well-being of its inhabitants, it creates a teaching opportunity to educate children on the effects of air, water, plants, light and nutrition on the human. 

We work with academic institutions to deliver on their promise of creating a safe and healthy environment to foster the creators and innovators of tomorrow.

School LIbrary
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